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Freedom High Student Airlifted After School Fight


According to Oakley Police Chief Bani Kollo, they received a call from the school at approximately 11:30 am of a female victim who sustained injuries from a physical confrontation.  The female had potential head injuries and was Airlifted to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek where she is being admitted.

One subject is in custody at this point for Felony Battery and interviews are still underway. The motive is unknown at this point. The victim’s medical status is currently unknown.

When I asked if there was more than two persons involved, he replied that the police department is still conducting interviews and investigating the incident.

According to the Contra Costa Times, they claim two students were taken into custody while Freedom High Principal Erik Faulkner said the attack does not appear to be gang-related. Faulkner said Oakley police were summoned to the campus after two girls attacked a third in the cafeteria, possibly over an incident between the victim and one of her attackers on Wednesday.

Update @ 3:45 – Chief Kollo sent me an email stating there are no further arrest, just the 1 suspect only.

Update @ 4:05 – The Oakley Police received a call from Freedom High School approximately 1130 am of a female victim who sustained injuries from a physical confrontation. The female had potential head injuries and was Airlifted to JMMC where she was admitted. One subject is in custody  for Felony Battery and was booked in Juvenile Hall. The incident stemmed from a verbal confrontation earlier in the week. The victim and suspect are students.


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  1. This is now multiple incidents at the school. Time for them to address their safety procedures.

  2. This is a problem with all schools today, its not the administration, it starts at home with the parents.

  3. Just saw a story about this on Channel 7 news. What a great impression people are getting about Oakley and Freedom High.

  4. The girls that attacked the victim were in a gang the nortanos actually. I know what really happened because I know the victim. The two girls jumped her, knocked her out, and continued to stomp and kick her the head and the face.

  5. This is really sad to hear, however not shocking as these sort of things have been happening since I was in high school. I have been pondering this situation, and ask myselft, “What would I do if I were witnessing this event?.” Definently would not be to take out my phone and you tube, as I have heard of from my children as being the common practice by teenagers. This topic of violence and our responses to it has been discussed in my home, with my high schoolers. I am not sure what the schools policy is, but Im confident that they do what they can with the support staff they have. My stance on the matter is do whatever you can for the victim. Pray for this young girl, that she will recover and have a future without fear. Pray for the girls mentioned who participated in this confrontaion.

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