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Oakley Rec: Kidz Love Soccer Photos

I posted photographs last week of the 5-6 age group of Kidz Love Soccer practice and gave Oakley Recreation a shout out, but I again wanted to post more pictures to show how great of a program it is and how much fun the kids have in hopes of boosting enrollment for the next session in the Spring. The Kidz Love Soccer program offers a variety of classes for kids 2 to 10.  Here are a few photographs from Monday’s practice.

The new Spring/Summer 2013 Recreation Guide is now available online. It will be distributed inside the Oakley Press in early March. To access it online before copies are distributed click on the guide below.

According to the City Website, here are other offerings.

Come and enjoy a variety of classes focusing on subjects such as dance, karate, language development, arts and crafts, fitness and much more!  The list of fun activities is endless!  Below please find a class which fits your lifestyle and interest of your child.  Sign up today!

For Kids and Youth


This class is designed for beginners and returning students alike. Children will be introduced to basic ballet movements. A focus will be placed on musical awareness, grace and muscular development while learning about the fantasy of theater.

This class is designed for both beginners and returning students. Children will learn specific ballet movements and techniques. Focus will be on musical awareness, grace and muscular development while learning about the fantasy of theater.


Come explore the wonderful world of tap.   This class builds on basic techniques & includes simple combinations with partners in story form.


This seasonal camp offers kids the opportunity to achieve the rank of Lego Master Builder. Participants learn and apply new building techniques everyday as they progress through levels of building challenges.


Kidz Love Soccer offers a variety of classes for kids from  2 to 10. Your kids can learn the skills of the “World’s Most Popular Game” in a safe and fun environment.


This interactive, online class includes videos, animated driving scenarios and sample test questions. Learn the rules of the road and major causes of traffic collisions.


This class will cover the fundamentals of the Olympic sport of fencing. This is a fun, safe and lightening-fast activity which combines the discipline of Martial Arts with the fun, interactive competitiveness of a sport like tennis. Students will improve their balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.


JumpBunch is a fun, structured program that introduces children to a wide range of sports, helps build coordination, self-esteem and a life-long love of fitness. JumpBunch incorporate athletics, fitness and music for a fun-filled, safe class.


Children learn discipline and respect for ones self and others in a fun and safe atmosphere.


Aikido is a traditional, non-violent, Japanese martial art discipline that encourages cooperation, respect and self discipline. Students will increase their self-confidence and personal safety.


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