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Photographs: Feb. Snow on Mt. Diablo

It’s always a beauty when Mt. Diablo is covered in snow. Here are a few photos sent to me and even one from Senator Mark DeSaulnier which I pouched off his social media post. My favorite shot, however, comes from  Discovery Bay Studios which its a shot worth purchasing from two-years ago.

Here are the photos.

desaulnier mt diablo

Senator Mark DeSaulnier – “One of my favorite things–snow on Mt. Diablo!”

Disc Studios Mt. Diablo 1

By Discovery Bay Studios

by Mike Defalco.

Mt. Diablo Snow
Photo by Mike DeFalco

mt. Diablo May

Photo By Ida Tateo May –  Carpenter Rd. by Almond Grove School

Mt. Diablo Anderson 2mt diablo anderson

Photos By Nate Anderson

In honor of snow, I’ve posted one of my favorite Mt. Diablo snow pictures from Discovery Bay Studios. Granted this was from a few years back, but what a beauty and is available for purchase. An 8×10 shot is $18 while a 20×30 is $50.


By Discovery Bay Studios

If anyone else has shots, let me have them and I’ll get them up!


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  1. A site to behold, that is for sure! Thanx for sharing! 🙂

  2. It is beautiful! Was just at
    Carpaccio for lunch and even the Livermore hills have snow.

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