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Oakley Non-Profit Roundtable a Success

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As Executive Director of the Friends of Marsh Creek, Diane Burgis set aside her City Council hat for the evening to bring non-profits together for a networking and strategy session last night.  The group thrived off her high energy and saw potential for future meetings and helping one another.

“In Oakley, we have to develop our leaders and that is my motivation for being here,” said Burgis. “With non-profits, we all have similar challenges and sometimes it’s nice to know you are not alone.

Burgis hopes this will be the first of many meetings for non-profits to come together and discuss issues facing the community. Hot topics included the challenges of fundraising, volunteerism, organizational tools, sustainability, event planning and outreach.

“We can become partners and friends to bounce ideas off one another. This can be the speed dating of non-profits,” Burgis said with a laugh.

Here is a list of organizations that were in attendance.

This was a fabulous first meeting introducing the group and figuring out some goals going forward. If the City Staff remains hands off and Burgis can check her council hat at the door, this has some real potential to make a difference in the community and help many non-profits find solutions while servicing the many folks in East County. This meeting really was an inspiration and I would encourage any non-profit to attend the next meeting as this offers a very valuable networking opportunity.

Here are some photographs of the event, click to enlarge.



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  1. Wish I would have known about this because it looks like a nice mix of many types of non-profits. Is it open to groups from Antioch or just Oakley?

  2. Wish I had known of this meeting I would of loved to attend. Mike do you know if there is another meeting scheduled? If so, please IM me. Thanks. . . .

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