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Brentwood Parent Accuses BUSD of “Clandestine”


In response to the “Special Meeting” the Brentwood Union School District has called for tomorrow, parents are upset with the lack of notification. The meeting will hold a closed session of Public Employee Evaluation of the Superintendent Merrill Grant followed by what they are calling Discipline/Dismissal/Release, parents appear unhappy with lack of transparency in this process.

The meeting was published today which is technically legal under the 24-hour rule for Special Meetings, but that doesn’t make it right.  The meeting will occur at 3:00 pm tomorrow at the District Service Center on 255 Guthrie Lane in Brentwood.

It should be noted this is a modified start time as opposed to their traditional evening start time which is suspect in itself.  While I will write more on this in the morning, this can be classified as nothing more than the traditional “Friday Night News Drop” giving the Board coverage over the weekend from the public.

Also, Friday’s typically do not have the public’s attention which is why they scheduled this meeting for tomorrow as opposed to next Tuesday or Wednesday as it will already be out of the news cycle by Monday.

Here is a letter from Brentwood Parent Christine Bell to the Board upon learning of the meeting.


The definition of clandestine is “kept secret or done secretively, esp. because illicit.” You are a public board, you are required to notify the public of your meetings.

I did a quick news search and cannot find the details of this “meeting” scheduled for Friday night anywhere other than your own website. I’m pretty sure you are required to publish meetings, and include a correct start time (by the way, modifying the start meetings as you have been doing for the past few months is also incorrect).  I have already filed a complaint with the State in regards to you switching meetings, and holding “surprise” meetings.  It is completely unprofessional!

I understand the struggle parents have with you and that you cant do anything to help us, but for you five to change the rules of the game and NOT publish meeting dates and times in a reasonable manner is unacceptable and a low blow. You cannot have clandestine meetings and fail to notify parents! I have to work, and had I know would have switched work days, I think you are counting on parents not being able to attend meetings! You’re counting on people not watching you and checking your website. This is a sophomoric move on your part, I just know now I need to check your website, and that you are intentionally misleading parents. You said at the last meeting the next meeting was Wednesday the 27th, did I mishear you?

You can fix this by using the phone system the district current has in place, the same system that notifies me I owe you 25 cents every time my child gets milk, to notify parents that there is a meeting relating to the SAFETY and SECURITY of their children, on Friday night! Send a phone message to every parent in the district and make this right.

Signed, disappointed, yet again,

Christina Bell

Here is a link to the BUSD Agenda for their Special Meeting Tomorrow.


Special Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the BRENTWOOD UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT

February 22, 2013

0. Call Meeting to Order, 3:00pm District Service Center, 255 Guthrie Lane, Brentwood, California.

1 Roll Call

2 Public Comment on Closed Session Agenda Items

2.0 Public Comment on Closed Session Agenda

3 Closed Session, District Service Center, 255 Guthrie Lane, Brentwood, California

3.0 Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Superintendent

3.1 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release

4 Open Session, immediately following, District Service Center, 255 Guthrie Lane, Brentwood, California

5 Presentations, Reports and Other Action Items

5.0 Report out of closed session


6 Board Comment

6.0 Board Comment

7 Announcement

7.0 The next Regular Board Meeting will be held February 27, 2013 at 6:00pm

8 Adjournment


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  1. “which is technically legal under the 24-hour rule for Special Meetings”. I looked up the definition of technically legal on google, and found it to be no different that legal. If it’s in the rules, it’s in the rules. Enough said. The online petition for dismissal of Supt. Grant, et al is a whopping 230ish people, which by my math is a very small fraction of 1% of the population of Brentwood. That stated, clearly more of us do not want the firings than are clamoring for dismissal. So, who amonst you live a 100% zero defect life? Fire the teacher, sure, I can readily agree to that.

  2. That’s one way to look at the numbers, here’s another, there are 8,100 students in BUSD, about 4,000 families, 230 is about 6% of the population he serves. 
    It’s not about being “perfect”, it’s about professional accountability, when you’re charged with the safety and security of above mentioned 8,100 students, when you knowingly move a convicted child abuser to another classroom/school, then don’t notify parents of her conviction, then when asked about why she wasn’t fired you state firing a teacher is “cumbersome and takes a lot of time”, it kind of puts your integrity in question. If you don’t have the time to deal with a convicted child abuser in a classroom, this isn’t the job for you. 
    From the boards perspective, this meeting date was underhanded, they didn’t want people there, they planned a meeting at 3:00 on a Friday, then forgot to mention it to anyone, including the press? Although perfectly legal, in the climate they’re in, it wasn’t a bright move. Especially since they’re trying to promote transparency. 

  3. Let’s play that number game further. Out of those 8,100 students, how many of those students are in the special education department? Students he put in a place to be victimized by a known abuser. I am sure if a verbal student had been abused this would have been easily contained. So he failed the students by placing a teacher (who did not have the right credentials to even teach an autism specific class) in another autism class. Why wasn’t she moved to Krey to teach typical developing Kinder students instead if the financial crush of making her position certified staff their issue? Ones that could repeat the abuse to an adult/police/CPS? That to be me shows why he failed. It was a simple choice he failed to make in the best interest of all the students in the district. Verbally capable kids would have blown the lid off of this much quicker and that was the reverse of what he wanted. If he wont protect a class of 10 students, how do I know he will protect your class of 30…I don’t and that should bother you.

  4. The numbers really don’t matter, once is enough! The District actually lost in court for another complaint last fall. There is a pattern and the District needs to clean itself up. Playing with the numbers is going to get you no where when its a state law that was not followed.

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