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Oakley PD: Chase Results in Capture of Attempted Murder Suspect

oakley pd

Folks in Oakley experienced a police chase last night on their way home from work and this morning it turns out the Oakley Police Department gets a major round of kudos for making our streets safer last night.

According to Chief Bani Kollo, Oakley officers tried to stop a Cadillac that was associated with a prior theft around 6:45 pm. Upon approaching the vehicle, it fled. The chase lasted 3-miles when the suspects surrendered. The driver was arrested while the passenger was wanted for attempted murder out of Antioch. Both suspects are from Oakley.

The attempted murder incident occurred a little over a year ago and the suspect had been on the run for a while.

My hats off to the Oakley Police Department!   If I get more details, I’ll update this post.


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  1. Look out for the complaints coming from Antioch/Pittsburg about the criminal element coming out of Oakley. Last week an Oakley man with an extensive criminal history shot at a Pittsburg Officer (thank god for vests!!), now this. I have been saying for quite a while that there are some serious issues in this town and people have been disagreeing. Wake up and take your blinders off.

  2. Great job, it also keeps not only Oakley safe, but Antioch as well.

  3. I agree with Barbara. People need to wake up and face the reality that crime is not going away anytime soon. Without additional mitigation things will only get worse. Better to turn it around sooner than later.

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