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Preview: Feb. 26 Brentwood City Council Meeting

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The City of Brentwood released their upcoming City Council Agenda where a few items stuck out which included a Corn Fest Summary, the 2011-2012 Annual Report for Special Taxes Levied, and a potential flag lowering policy.

Here is information on each item.

Item B-3: Receive and File the 2012 CornFest Evaluation Report

Attached to this report is a post evaluation report from the Chamber of Commerce for the 2012 CornFest event. A summary of the major findings follows:

  • Overall, total attendance was estimated at 24,000 people an approximate decrease of 40 percent from the previous year.
  • Revenue from sponsorships decreased almost 17 percent. Gate proceeds decreased by 19.5 percent, and revenue from parking fees also decreased. Vendor proceeds decreased by 18.7 percent.
  • The entertainment, carnival, fireworks, and other activities were all successful. This year the high winds that started on Friday afternoon went into the late evening, generated some complaints from attendees as well as vendors who had to do an extra amount of preparation Saturday morning. The dust was an issue and could have played into the overall decrease of attendees as well as vendors.
  • There were no major police or security issues during the three-day event.

Pursuant to the CornFest MOU with the City, the Chamber paid the City a total of $35,789.24 for various services and expenses incurred by Police, Parks & Recreation, and Public Works staff. Staff is already working with the Chamber to plan for the 2013 CornFest.


There is no fiscal impact associated with this informational report. An invoice in the amount of $35,789.24 was paid by the Chamber of Commerce for City services provided for and outlined in the MOU. In addition, the City awarded a $27,845 grant from the City’s Business License Grant Program to the Chamber of Commerce towards the cost of fireworks.

Here is the full document

B-8: Combined Community Facilities District (CFD) Annual Report for Special Taxes Levied for Fiscal Year 2011/2012

This is actually a 43-page document which Community Facilities Districts are a special tax funding mechanism for the increased public facilities and services provided by the City. These facilities and services include:

  • Community Amenities
  • Public Protection and Safety
  • Joint Use School Sites
  • Flood and Storm Drainage Improvements
  • Roadway Maintenance
  • Utility Undergrounding
  • Open Space

To review the 43-page document, here is the link online version

Item B-11:  Consideration of and potential adoption by Resolution of a draft Half-staff policy for City facility flags

This is a continued item from January 22 where the Council discussed including flying the flag at half-staff in the event of the death of a current staff member, local public safety officer, and current and past members of the City Council. Brentwood deserves credit for tackling this item so that those who gave their life to public service could be honored.

Full Agenda


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