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I’ve Moved to “”

Cardboard box marked Moving Day

Dear Loyal Readers,

There is no easy way to say this so I will come out and say it. I’ve moved!

No, not from East County as some may hope or wish for, I am simply changing my web address and leaving the format to a domain name to reach greater readership. After six months, the time has come to be able to provide better services to my readers and to anyone in search of local information.

The website will have the same look and feel to it as the content will continue to flow. The only difference is I will have better features available to you in order to provide more content and better coverage.  The site will also be better suited to allow readers to submit their opinions, breaking stories and whatever else you feel should be shared with East Contra Costa County. Rather than focus on my opinions and perspective, it will be a site for everyone to share their thoughts and opinions.

So please be sure to re-subscribe to the email notifications and update your “favorites” as I will not be updating this site going forward. Also, please add EastCountyToday on Facebook which will provide updated information throughout the day.

I hope you will join me in this move and continue reading me at

Thank you for all the support,

Michael Burkholder


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  1. Nice move Mr. Burkholder. Will you keep this blog site up and running in the meantime?!


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